How to Integrate SEO into the Tracking Mix?-SEO 2017 Trends!


Tracking ROI through the digital medium proves easy if you use proper tools and data in your organization.

Make tracking ROI effective with these latest SEO 2017 trends

  1. Fixing your attribution model

Attribution model can be single source attribution measuring first touch or last touch. First touch records the first link through which the customer approaches your organization. Last touch updates the last link through which your customer visits your site. The problem with first or last touch attribution is that these two leave out the channels that influence the customer in the process.

A fractional attribution model like time decay or linear will do the job better. Linear credits all channels equally whereas time decay credits the recent channel more than the oldest channel.

  1. GSC set up (Google search console)

GSC is one of the great SEO strategies as you know. It helps you understand the ratio of success in your Google ad with click through rate   and that of organic search results for your site. Still, you need to take care of the following factors in GSC.

  • Only last 90 days of search history is retained by GSC.
  • You must trace HTTP and HTTPs under separate GSC website.
  • Track desktop sites and mobile sites separately.
  • Track sub domains on their own GSC website property.
  1. Optimizing website analytics

Website analytics package like Google Analytics helps you understand ROI better. Following steps help you in tracking ROI.

  • Adding site’s domain to the referral exclusion list so that you can avoid self referral
  • Setting up goals like call to action ( a newsletter sign up or request for a quote) to track ROI
  • Setting up e-commerce tracking in GA to get an immediate view of the sales from channels
  • Attribution modeling tool for comparing various attribution models and fixing the channels that perform well
  • Having a connection between GSC and GA.

You can also upload your offline sales data into GA.

  1. Integrating marketing automation with CRM

Marketing automation integrated with CRM provides information about individual buyers, lifetime value of the marketing channels so that you can get personally identifiable information about the marketing channels.

  1. Measuring and reporting

To get the organic search results for your site, use an excel sheet with tables set for measuring and reporting your site’s progress.

  1. Using conversion rate optimization for improving organic conversion

Conversion rate optimization techniques are essential for improving organic search. Once your organic search improves to conversion, your visitors may influence your ROI more.

So, you are ready to use SEO 2017 techniques  to track ROI and get higher visibility. When do you start?

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    Wonderful post. Love those insights about tracking ROI effectively with these latest SEO 2017 trends. Thanks for this blog.

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