iPhone or Android Users! Who Spends More Time in Online? Why It is Important in Digital Marketing?

The war of Android Vs. iOS

Any Apple product is expensive when compared to several of the android products. However the iOS products specifically iPhones have a charm of their own. Just a few days back iPhone Apple launched its latest version of iPhone that is iPhone X .the craze around every launch by Apple is tremendous, though any Android fan might debate that Apple provides better features than the latest Android OS.

Is it true that iOS users spend more time online?

Now when we look at statistical data found through some research and Analysis, we generally find that in fact that iPhone users actually spend more time online then any desktop or android users is true. In fact, though iPhone and android have similar, if not greater features, users of iPhone seem to be more digitally active than the android users. It has also been found through some study that iPhone users who tend to be more online than the android users, also tend to spend more money in online transactions, comparatively.

Device Based Marketing Strategies

So can the world of digital marketing use device based strategy to its advantage? Surely. This is especially very true in the case of Facebook and Google Ad words.

In Facebook Ads – In Facebook when we are trying to advertise a product or a business service there are options in the form which the advertiser has to fill up , in which you can choose the prospective customers operating system. There are options to select like both iOS and android users, only android users and only iOS users. So in this device based marketing, the target is enabled.

In Google Adwords – In case of Google Ads this is also possible. In Google Ad words both the video and display campaigns are allowed to use marketing strategy based on the users’ operating system. Using the Google analytics an operating system-based audience can be created. So once this is done the iPhone or iOS oriented Ad texts are produced.

So what are the advantages of selecting target OS?

Generally speaking, the operating system-based digital marketing has its own advantages .like mentioned before some market researchers found out that iPhone or iOS users tend to spend more money in e-commerce than android users. so if the digital ads of products or business services targets are iOS users then it can expect more transaction deals and prospective customers than if it had targeted only the android users.

So what’s the wiser way out?

To increase the turnover and business expansion it is very important to base your digital campaign on the operating system targeting advertisement strategy.

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